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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Food scene in Budapest? Well, guess how it is! We could wrap it up to food heaven - various cuisines from typical hungarian, italian, asian, vegetarian to fusion. Whether you are going to Budapest for a weekend getaway or have only a few hours in this beautiful city on the Danube river, let Budapest take you to the streets.

We picked our favorite spots for food and drink so maybe you get an inspiration where to go and what to grab.

Travel couple & coffee time


This is basically street food at its best. There are couple of food stalls with fresh burgers, typical lángos and lángos burgers!, chimney cake (or so-called ‘trdelnik’), waffles, goulash and others. Although you can stand and eat between the stalls, at the very end of the Karaván there are many seats. Grab some lángos and beer, and well, enjoy!


Who said you can’t party outdoors at the very heart of the city? At this place you can do nothing but feel the summer in the city! Good vibes and laid back atmosphere are set up in a creative and beach style that make you wanna dance and have a great night with you friends. But don't be afraid you can't come here during the winter time. The club is expanded to the interior space with great design that puts extra touches to its clubbing atmosphere.


One of the best way to use the old building or even building in ruins? Create a social space, bar, restaurant, basically a space to entertain. And that’s what Budapest did. Ruins were transformed into bars and restaurants which are always full of people. Happy people! Hard to recommend one since there are plenty of them throughout the city, but maybe try Szimpla Kért at first and you'll know what we're talking about here.


Chillout and dance bar on the bank of the Danube River with its perfect city summer vibes. The Pontoon bar is located right under the Szechenyi Bridge so you cannot miss it when walking alongside the Danube on the Pest side.


If you are craving late at night or after midnight as we did, head to Kazinczy utca 35 and look for a little cute bistro with great Hungarian food. They are open til 2 am and you can choose from a few typical dishes, including the most famous one - goulash soup. Trust us, it is a real life-saver!

Gulyás Tunkoló Büfé
Midnight gulyás at Gulyás Tunkoló Büfé


The best place for breakfast and brunch so far! On Sunday we went to this simple but charming space for brunch. Food menu is really simple but you will have problems to choose from as the waitress will walking around you with fresh and tasty food. Pancakes and chocolate sufflé = pure love! What’s really great, you can ask for lactose free or other alternative milks or ingredients. Really recommended!


Sweet, sweet little coffee shop with nice and welcoming girls from Greece! We went to Gossip Coffee for a brunch with our friends - based on the reviews and ratings on Google Maps we thought it could be a great place with some tasty food. Well, we were not right because the food was absolutely amazing! Pancake heaven!


When you feel in need of an italian food for breakfast or brunch with prosecco or aperol, this is the place. Akademia's location is right next to the St. Stephen's Basilica.


Best “Csirkepaprikás nokedivel” or chicken paprika? That must be here for sure. The restaurant or pub is located near the Chain Bridge on the main street so you can't miss it. Don't be surprised by the interior - kind of Hungarian retro feel, many advertisements, wall posters and photographs with typical red-checked cloths on all tables. Staff is very friendly and helpful and food is just pure joy! So have a shot of pálinka and enjoy the great food, jó étvágyat!

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